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Valentine’s Day – Celebrate your way!

We’re so pleased that we’re finally in an era where celebrating Valentine’s Day is about more than couples. It’s about celebrating love in any of its glorious forms, whether that’s with your gals, pals, pets, self, or partners. It’s hard planning a cute night (or day) out with so many different options but we’ve got an answer for you (with a little handy list).

Where should you go? What should you do? Head up to Northcote Rise.

Spice up a romantic candlelight dinner at home with a bowl of spicy noodle soup from your favourite ramen joint, or maybe get some fun local wines to sip on in the afternoon sun. Not quite fitting your list?

Here are 4 more ideas for Valentines, Galentines and Palentines plans to celebrate with your favourite friend/s or partner:



Drop in a pick up a little bottle of wine or a few cold ones from Harvest Wine and Liquor, Wine Republic, Northcote Bottle shop or The Bottle-O. Pass by IGA Northcote or Micky D’s Gourmet Meats & Deli and grab some cheese and biscuits too. Enjoy your picnic at home, watch the sunset from Ruckers Hill or lay on the grass in All Nations Park.


Not good with making decisions? Me too. This is why Northcote Rise is the perfect place; there are so many options! Just walk up and down Northcote Rise until something tickles your fancy. Not sure what is available, check out our directory!


Once you have wined and dined. It’s time to settle into the evening. Perhaps with a nice movie? Whether that’s on the couch at home or down at Palace Cinemas at Westgarth.




Start the evening off with a couple of cocktails at one of the amazing bars on Northcote Rise. There are plenty of outdoor dining options available too, such as Francesca’s, Purple Emerald, Wesley Anne, Sherbini Bar or Buck Mulligan’s (they have so many amazing whiskeys available and Guinness on tap too!)


There are so many options for dinner it can make your head spin. But let’s take a look at some of the special dining experiences on Northcote Rise. Estelle has refined, modern offerings in a rustic-chic bistro. Book in at Zsa’s for European inspired, shared dining. Oh Loretta also has an amazing Valentines Day experience, but you’ll need to get in quick!



Life is busy, especially with kids. We can’t all block out an evening for self-indulgence, but perhaps there are a few spare hours in the morning where you could spend time with your friends or partner? Start off with an amazing breakfast at one of the incredible cafes on the Rise, such as Little Local, Tinker or All Are Welcome.


Take a walk down to All Nations Park and breathe in some sweet nature. Lay down on the grass, let the kids play on the playground as you sip on your second coffee or juice for the morning.


Head back up to Northcote Rise, (check out our directory) and poke your head into some of the trader’s shops. Pick out a small gift for each other and the kids or pick something together as a keepsake.

Northcote Rise is a place for conversations, music, a strip of shops, cafes, bars, people and experiences. The perfect place to spend Valentines, Galentines, or Palentines day.