Northcote Rise Experiences have landed!

Introducing Northcote Rise Experiences! 

The thing we love about Northcote Rise is the diversity of shops, people, ideas and experiences. So what better way to showcase all of what we have to offer than with our very own curated experiences! 

Northcote Rise experiences are curated lists of venues to tickle all of your cravings. Whether it’s a list of amazing brunch spots, venues to watch live music or a curated Friday night with your friends. We have combined our Directory with a map of High Street to help you have the ultimate Northcote Experience, just like the locals do.

Visit all the best spots in Northcote with a little help from us.


Maybe some of these will tickle your fancy? 

  • A Northcote Bar & Music Crawl
  • The Best Brunch Spots
  • What’s for Lunch?
  • Northcote Fashion Run
  • Gifts and eco stores on Northcote Rise
  • Dinner Dash
  • Find your zen on the Rise 

There’s no better way to experience Northcote than with our self-guided tours and experiences. Start your weekend off strong with a brunch tour, followed by a slow stroll through boutique shops and eco-stores, finally ending with a bar and live music crawl.

Guide yourself through all the amazing businesses and activities Northcote Rise has to offer with our curated Experiences!

Visit northcoterise.com.au/experiences