Voices Of Northcote

Northcote Rise Art Project

The Northcote Business Association, in collaboration with artist Grace West, has been hard at work behind the scenes, spearheading a transformative art project aimed at rebranding Northcote Rise as a vibrant street art destination.

At the heart of this initiative is the goal to combat ground-level graffiti by replacing it with captivating artwork that embodies the essence of Northcote. Through intricate designs, the project aims to narrate the rich history of Northcote, High Street, its businesses, and the diverse community that calls it home.

To kick-start this endeavour, the Northcote Business Association, along with a dedicated team of volunteers, embarked on a graffiti cleanup mission along High Street in preparation for the Northcote Rise Festival.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll be collaborating with more artists and businesses to expand this artistic endeavour across Northcote Rise. Stay tuned as we bring this vision to life, and why not experience the transformation firsthand by visiting Northcote Rise?

In the meantime, take a glimpse at the remarkable progress our team has achieved in just a few short weeks:

The Northcote Business Association would like to that Dulux Paints for their sponsorship and donation of paints towards this project. We are very appreciative of their contribution and enthusiasm to assist us.