Experience the Rise

Friendly faces, engaging conversations and curated experiences for everyone.

When you’re travelling, the best places you visit are often from recommendations from friends, family and even strangers. By recommending places for you to visit, you’re able to curate an experience that really tickles your fancy. Which is exactly what we are going to do for you here.

We’ll be curating experiences on The Rise — a kilometre of brunch tours, boutique stores, eco-shops, live music, a cosmopolitan of shops, cafes, bars and people… all within walking distance.

Just head over to our Experiences page for the first editions.

Whatever your passion or poison, we’ll have a list of experiences for you to enjoy, including:

  • Live Music
  • Brunch Tour
  • Fashion Run
  • Gift and Eco Stores
  • Lunch Tours
  • Wine ‘n Dine

And plenty more.

Take a small stroll, we promise you’ll stay the day.
More coming soon.